5 Bartenieff Fundamentals:

Review from Class:
Bartenieff Fundamentals are an extension of Laban Movement Analysis developed by Irmgard Bartenieff, who trained with Laban before becoming a physiotherapist. A set of concepts, principles and exercises that apply Laban’s movement theory to the physical / kinesiological functioning of the human body they include:

  • Dynamic Alignmentbartenieff.jpg
  • Breath Support
  • Core Support
  • Rotary Factor
  • Initiation and Sequencing
  • Spatial Intent
  • Centre of Weight/Weight Transference
  • Effort Intent
  • Developmental Patterning and its Support for Level Change

Patterns of Connectivity -
1) Breathing 2) Core-Distal 3) Head Tail
4) Upper-Lower 5) Body Half 6) Cross-Lateral

Document for additional information: (not a required reading for this class)

Complete Reading #2 from your Text "Movement for Actors" (pages 73-84)
*Outline important content from Reading. Be ready to discuss in class!

Journal (5)**: Explain a personal experience when you elevated your movement from functional to expressive. What steps did you take to achieve this expression? How did this expression help to tell the story? Looking back on the experience, how might you further develop your instrument (body) to better tell the story through expressive movement choices?